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  • Respect the Big P: A Closer Look at Preeclampsia

      **Originally posted on The Huffington Post Parents** Spring has graciously sprung and with it has come new opportunities, new alliances, and of course new perspectives. As a maternal fetal medicine specialist, my daily menu of high-risk complications like preeclampsia (or as I call it, ‘The BIG P’) is commonplace – something general OB/GYNs, countless other maternal fetal medicine specialists (present company included) see regularly. Being that this disease is pervasive and constitutes th...

  • Manicures, Miscarriages, and Mayhem

        **Originally Posted by The Huffington Post - Healthy Living** Since my medical school training, medicine as an art has expanded itself. Among its many facets, has emerged the field of epigenetics - or simply put, the science of how the environment impacts our core functioning as humans—at the molecular level of things. I have spoken of this topic before but recently it has really hit home, not only changing the way I approach obtaining medical information from patients and recommen...

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